XRP Price Prediction ~ Will It Hit $10 USD?

XRP looks like a revolution right now. Anything can happen anytime. After a partial victory over the SEC fight, prices started rising strongly. What will happen next? Will we hit the $10 USD mark soon? What next? Let’s discuss that today.

XRP Price Prediction

On the 13th of July, XRP was at $0.4735. It went to $0.8714 the same day after news with 24 hour trading volume of $6.27 billion USD. Now it is at $0.74 which is 1.14% down from yesterday. Now the question is, what next? Will it reach $10 USD?

I think that’s a useless question now. Good trend is back for XRP. We expect that the price of XRP will grow and at least reach the all-time high of $3.8419 from where it is still down 80%. Some big crypto influencer said that it has the potential to reach $100 but who knows. Anyone can make a comment but none can confirm any crypto price movement ~ that’s the truth and reality, you believe or not. So again the question

Will XRP Hit $10 USD

My opinion is no but please do your own research. I believe it will make some good moves soon if good news drops continuously. But reaching $10 USD is not possible in the near future. Maybe it will reach $2 or $3 or more, who knows. We are expecting the green chart should continue.

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